Ex Con With Convictions Born Into Crime

March 18, 2012


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Andy Dixon and geo geller are available together and apart for paid speaking gigs please contact geo geller geogeller(at)gmail.com and/or Linda Polk

topics of conversation – together Andy Dixon and geo geller in a non-scripted conversation about life… as an example of the future of story telling… weaving song/storytelling through out our conversations as we do in ExConWithConvictions documentaries – we will record all conversations too – Andy Dixon is available to talk alone about Prison, Prison life, In-Justice system, Generational Incarceration, Life Without Parole, being born into crime and life re-invented, Breaking Kids Out of Prison before they get in

geo geller is available alone to talk about whatever comes in his mind at the moment

imagine spending 27 years in a cave and what the implications of that means – Andy has come back to share with us what he has discovered and learned about life, love, angerstruggle, sanity, insanity, society among other things life on the edge and beyond

Andy Dixon- Andy is a singer songwriter and story teller among his life journey he grew up to be a criminal and his teachers and our society already convicted him before he was born – Andy spent 27 years of an illegal life without parole sentence,
incarcerated in the Tennessee criminal in-justice system proving them both right and wrong – Andy broke out of the prison of generational incarceration prison – Andy was the 3rd of 4 generations to be incarcerated in his family
and is dedicated to breaking kids out of prison before they get in – – coincidentally Andy and James Earl Ray became friends
and confidants… but more then that Andy Dixon is not an angry person

geo geller – is a passionate and compassionate human being first, among other things he is an inventory,
recovering artist, moving/still/audio documentary and mythical doc image maker, songwriter, vizual poet, story teller,
sculpture, social sculpture, early adopter of technologies, dreamer, poet, to name just a few things he weaves
in his talks and stories and documentaries – above all geo believes a good talker is a better listener –


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