Ex Con With Convictions Born Into Crime

March 28, 2012


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Andy Dixon spent 27 years of an illegal life without parole sentence in prison, he is the 3rd of 4 generations to be incarcerated starting when he was 12yrs old. He was a personal close friend and confidant of James Earl Ray.

Andy Dison – singer/songwriter storytelling his life’s experience of being a bad guys, bad guy to re-invention that he has personally lived through the dark side and light side of life – you can hear and see examples on ExConWithConvictions documentaries and also on IAmConvicted book Brett Henley is writing about Andy and Linda (his wife) stories

Andy Dixon – ExCon With Convictions is an expert on Generational Incarceration, Bullying, Gangs in and out of prison, Prison Life, the Criminal Justice System, Life without Parole, being born into crime, Re-invention, Breaking Kids out of Prison Before they Get In, other talking points

James Earl Ray – Andy was close friend and confident of James Earl

Nation wide abut 75% of children of incarcerated parents will follow their parents into prison.

Most schools and communities are not recognizing the unique needs of children whose parents are / were incarcerated.

The practice of felonism, prejudice against anyone convicted of a felony and those who love them, causes children to isolate themselves and actively work against authority figures – especially in school.

Plea Bargaining – challenging the criminal justice system

Preparing for short and long term prison – individuals, family members, teachers, children

Born into Crime – life of crime

Privatized prison – state of privatized prison, modern day slavery – history to today

Felonism – invisible cycle (generational incarceration fueled by felonism) is influencing all parts of our society; pitting teachers against students and police against the citizens they protect, and it cannot be corrected until the majority of our nation becomes aware of it and unite to affirm that all children have the potential and right to a productive life.

Andy Dixon is available for paid speaking gigs please contact geo geller geogeller(at)gmail.com and/or Linda Polk lindacpolk(at)gmail.com

Emapthy: On the Road with Andy Dixon excerpted from ExConWithConvictions.com – an example of Andy talking about Empathy and telling it like it is and who he is and was – Andy Dixon passionate about his story talks about whining and pissing and moaning and his being a bad guy and wanting to reach back in time to help that kids who was 10 years old and 27 years incarcerated and clean slate and more about telling his story and you telling your story and our story and telling stories

please listen to this while driving as this is the first time i met Andy Dixon & geo geller met onRoad traveling between SF bay area to Nashville and beyond – Andy first time telling story about being in jail for 27 years and meeting and befriending James Earl Ray in prison and how he came about the James Earl Ray prison archives – one of many recorded conversations with andy about James Earl Ray – Andy telling his story and your story and our story and telling stories – best to listen to this while driving in a car

Andy & Linda Dixon speaking at 92nd st Y 140conf StateOfNow Conference June 2011 as a team

Linda Polk (Dixon) opening and introducing Andy Dixon
Andy Dixon Speaking alone

Andy Dixon & Linda Polk (Dixon) & Geo Geller speaking in Boston at 140conf StateOfNow Conference 2011 as a team
Jeff Pulver introducting Geo Geller, introducing Jessica Murray from Designathon, Andy Dixon & Linda Polk (Dixon) speaking in Boston at 140conf StateOfNow Conference 2011


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